Is Netflix Down Right Now?


Is Netflix Down or Is It Just Me?

If you often find yourself contemplating “Is Netflix Down right now”, then we should tell you that it definitely isn’t YOU causing it. 9 times out 10, not being able to access Netflix occurs, due the shutting down of their servers in different locations. You can try using VPNs that will still unblock netflix here, in order to resolve the issue. This renders the site momentarily unavailable in some cities/countries, which is a solid pain in the buttocks, especially if….

Is Netflix down

Yes, we know them feels. It’s almost as if life loses meaning. You begin contemplating all your decisions and realize what a failure you are suddenly. And lots of questions run down your mind like “did my neighbor forget to pay her Netflix bill again?” Then, you start losing your sh**…

Netflix error

Things can get worse, if you planned a “Netflix and Chill” than the usual “Netflix and sit alone in a dark room, stuffing munchies”. Well, we’ve got some advice for you. Rather than stressing yourself out about what’s going on with the VoD service, check and see if Netflix is down.

What is “Netflix Down”?

We like to see ourselves as the “Google Analytics for Netflix”. We monitor server activity for the VoD service all around the world, providing viewers details about when the technology fails. We can tell you what’s going on, in circumstances, there are outages and service interruptions. In short, Netflix Down gives you insight from a real-time overview of status information, based on your location.


How did we conceptualize it? Netflix Down hatched from the perception that the VoD service does a pitiful job at enlightening the public regarding temporal inactivity or outages (that sometimes last for 2 or even 3 days). So, you can imagine the frustration people have to experience. Netflix is the key to happiness for most people, as it allows them to take their mind off worldly tensions, while killing time.

What Happens When You Hit the “Check” Button?

*Drum Roll* MAGIC. That’s what happens! On a serious note, upon pressing the “Check” button, Netflix Down provides you information regarding whether the VoD service is offline right now in your country. It analyzes the response time of the Netflix website, last “down” reported, and signal strength to their servers. Sure, you can act like you know what we’re saying…


How do we do it? By collecting status reports from a multitude of sources. Netflix Down conducts a real-time analysis, tracking significant jump in interruptions. Consequently, you can easily determine whether Netflix is up and reachable to you. If yes, then have a great time binge watching. If not, then well, life sucks for you. We’ll let you drown in your misery, alone…

Netflix Server Status

Similar to the official Netflix Service Status page that tracks interruptions in the streaming service, we use server information from a variety of locations to monitor downtimes and outages. Then Netflix Down double-checks the data by analyzing latest tweets, regarding stoppages in a certain area. Genius, right?!


If the Netflix Server Status bar appears green, you can safely assume there are no major glitches. On the other hand, if it shows a “red” indication, it means there is an issue with the VoD service. For the latter, you have no option, but to wait, until Netflix apprehends the problems itself.

Netflix is Down Twitter

Need to learn about the Netflix Server Status and latest problems today? Twitter is your best friend! We have added an embed code on our website that selects and displays tweets specific to interruptions and outages in different cities/countries around the world. While we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these tweets, they do prove useful in verifying our findings.


Netflix Outage Map

For a complete overview on Netflix interruptions around the world, we even provide viewers with an “outage map” that highlights the locations of recent stoppage events. Bear in mind the map does not reveal the “intensity” of the problems, but only the “destination”, based on the increase of outage reports. To determine when the issue will be rectified, contact Netflix’s support team.

Can’t Access Netflix – Troubleshooting Instructions

Upon clicking the “check” button, if you notice a green bar, but still can’t access Netflix – you got a different problem on your hands. Try the below fixes for troubleshooting:

Browser Fixes

When you visit a website, your browser saves information in the form of cache and cookies to speed up the loading process for later access. Over time, this can cause problems with bringing up or logging into websites, which includes the streaming service, Netflix.

A good fix is to force a full refresh by pressing the CTRL + F5 keys on your browser. If this doesn’t work, clear the temporary cache and cookies. This way, you will gain access to the most recent version of the web page, as the browser pulls fresh files from the website server.

DNS Fixes

The Domain Name System (DNS) enables for the identifying of site IP address (192.168.x.x) with words (*.com). It is like a phonebook for websites, which allows for easy remembrance on later access. This service is usually made available by your ISP.

If you cannot access Netflix, consider clearing your local DNS cache. This way, you will grab the most recent cache available from your ISP. Another solution is to use Google Public DNS ( or, OpenDNS, or any other free/premium DNS service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you can find a series of common questions regarding Netflix. We decided to list them down in a single location for instant troubleshooting:

Why Isn’t Netflix Working?

The two most common reasons for this happening is a network connectivity issue or a problem with your Netflix account/app. Consider restarting your internet and then access Netflix. Make sure to clear the cache and sign-in details from your browser too before visiting the website.

Can I Watch Netflix Shows Offline?

Yes, you can watch Netflix TV shows/movies offline by downloading the files. However, this feature is only available for iOS and Android app users. To manage download location, go the Netflix app, tap on “Menu” > App Settings > Download Location and select the best destination for future downloads.

Why Can’t I Stream Netflix in HD?

Set your account’s Playback Settings to “High” and make sure to check the “Allow HD” option in the video player. If you use a streaming device that connects to your TV, connect to an HDMI port or Component Video. Most importantly, get a faster internet connection that supports HD streams.

How Does the Netflix Free Trial Work?

The process is very simple. Just visit the Netflix “Sign Up” page. You will be required to select a plan from three subscription options: Basic, Standard, and Premium (pricing may vary country by country). Once done, you can obtain a Free Trial for a MONTH. You will only be charged after the trial ends.

Why Does Netflix Say Cannot Play Title?

This is usually an indication of a network connectivity issue, which prevents users to reach Netflix libraries. If possible, try shifting to a different network. Some users even found that restarting the app works. When all else fails though, a good option is to reinstall the app.

How Can I Control How Much Data Netflix Uses?

Streaming SD quality videos will consume 1GB of data per hour and up to 3GB for HD video, which can create problem for those with bandwidth caps. A good option is to stream on a smaller screen and select low quality (0.3GB per hour). Also, uncheck the “Play Next Episode Automatically” option.

With What Devices Can I Connect To Netflix?

You can enjoy watching your favorite movies/TV shows on Netflix from any internet-capable device. This includes laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, Blu-Ray Players, DVD players, HDTV’s, gaming consoles, and home theater systems. Even if there is not a dedicated app available, you can always visit the official Netflix website.

How Many Devices Can Stream Netflix at the Same Time?

Upon subscribing for a Netflix account, users have the ability of adding up to six devices. Once added in your recognized list of devices, you can use Netflix anywhere. However, there is a limit of STREAMING on only two devices simultaneously. You can upgrade to 4 streams simultaneously for better functionality.

How Does Traveling Or Relocating Affect My Netflix Account?

Your selection of movies/TV shows will change depending on the country you visit. Your parental control settings may require configuration. Your reviews, watch list, or star ratings might disappear. If you relocate, you will to pay in the same currency (as you signed up with). For DVD customers, do not forget to change your shipping address.

How Do I Delete Netflix History?

All titles you have viewed on Netflix are saved on the “Activity” page. You can hide individual titles by clicking on the “X” sign right adjacent to the movie/series (the process may take up to 24 hours). This means, you will no longer see the titles in “Continue Watching” and “Recently Watched”.

How Do I Cancel My Netflix Subscription?

The process does not require any rocket science. Simply enter your credentials and log into your Netflix account. On the Account page, click on the “Cancel Membership” button. This will delete your account, but you can still regain access anytime within a 10-months duration.

Why Does My Netflix App Keep Crashing?

Mostly, the Netflix app starts to give trouble, if you haven’t updated it to the latest version. If you experience the same trouble with the desktop website, it is an indication that your firewall is blocking access. Giving Netflix network permissions to stop it from crashing.

How Do I Get My Netflix To Stop Buffering?

Netflix has a secret menu you can access by performing the following actions: Shift+Alt+Left and Shift+Option+Click (for Mac). Now, select the stream manager and match up the buffering rate with the playback. Other options include getting a faster internet connection.

What Is Netflix Error NW-2-5?

This error indicates a network connectivity issue that prevents access to Netflix. Restart your network and device and see if the problem gets fixed. If not, then consider improving your Wi-Fi signal. Another hack is to directly connect your device to the internet router.

What Is Code NW-4-7 Netflix?

When you see this error code, it means that you need to refresh information stored on your device. Clear cache and cookies from the browser you are using to access Netflix. If the problem still persists, consider using a DNS service.