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Luke Cage Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

Luke Cage season 2 is eight days far to premiere on Netflix. And the immortal Luke is all set to make your streaming time into bingeing paradise. In the last season where we see the indestructible Luke Cage, he removed his identity and had become a famous personality in Harlem.

Luke Cage Season 2


However, with the upcoming new season, the superhero has to make some life-changing decisions that you will see very soon. Check out this season 2 trailer.

After the great positive reviews and successful season 1, the curiosity and hype is getting bigger and bigger for season 2 as premiere date is coming closer

Luke Season 2 Release Date

Luke Cage is all set to release on June 22, 2018.

Luke Cage Season 2 Amazing Trailer Clips

Let’s start with some incredible spinoff about side characters Misty Knight and Colleen Wing in the upcoming Luke Cage Season 2

Here is another glimpse of bulletproof Luke Cage in Season 2’

Its showoff time by Mr. Luke Cage in Season 2

List of Episode: Luke Cage Season 2

Just Like the previous season, episodes of season 2 will comes with a particular title based on tracks of a specific group. For season 2 its CL Smooth and Pete Rock

Who is Behind the Direction of Luke Cage Season 2

Lucy Liu is behind the direction of Luke Cage Season 2

Luke Cage season 2 will need to broadcast some fantastic episodes that could satisfy the expectations of the fans, especially after a great success of season 1. Will Luke Cage Season 2 accomplish in attaining a same love and success as season 1? Only time will tell.

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Netflix is All Set to Release Minecraft Story Mode Later this Year

The previous year, The Verge reported that Netflix was looking to introduce new and exciting content for kids, which includes shows like Buddy Thunderstruck, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, etc.

The results of this story tales series were surprisingly successful. Therefore according to Tech Radar, Netflix is all set to release Minecraft story mode later this year.

What’s New in Minecraft Story Mode on Netflix?

The Minecraft story mode will be featuring new character “Jesse” (who, it should be said, can be either men or women), which keep putting efforts to save the world. According to Netflix official, the upcoming new series of Minecraft story will be based on its game version story and will be premier in the form of five episode bundle series.

Moreover, Netflix official also stated that the upcoming Minecraft story mode would provide an out of the world experience by delivering video files and also features of ability to accept command with any controller, which contains select and directional buttons.

This Minecraft Story Mode feature will be a great addition to Netflix, as subscribers will get the opportunity of experiencing point-and-click mechanics gaming. Moreover, according to TechRadar the owner of Minecraft “Telltale” is also planning to develop “Stranger Things” game for traditional gaming consoles.

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NETFLIX DOWN! After a Long Shutdown, Netflix is Up Again!

Yesterday If you found the Netflix error message while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix then don’t worry you were not the only one. Netflix was going through a major outage issue worldwide yesterday June 11, 2018, when most of them were receiving this error message on their screens.

Netflix Error message


We also found huge traffic on our website that was entirely on Netflix server status check tool.


Is netflix down!!


However, just after few minutes, we saw an official tweet by Netflix about the challenges they are facing due to a technical disturbance, which results shut down of service.




Even after when the Netflix officials announced at Twitter that the service is live again, a huge amount of subscribers were still facing same Netflix streaming issues.  And when they tried to check whether service is up or down on Netflix status domain, sadly the Netflix status check page was also down.

Moreover, we found so many people on Twitter, commenting about the Netflix service is still down in their region, and there is no way to check because official service page is not loading too.

A few hours ago still some subscribers cant access the Netflix in their region.



Some of the subscribers were facing some anonymous issues while trying to watch their favorite TV show or movie on Netflix.




After a prolonged shutdown of around 1 hour, Netflix service got up again globally.


To know whether Netflix service is up or down in your region, you can check it via Netflix server status on our website.

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“13 Reasons Why” Season 3 is Set to Make Your Bingeing Time Heaven

We don’t know about the comeback of Hannah Baker, but 13 Reasons Why Season 3 will. Yes, it is happening. The streaming giant service “Netflix” has announced Wednesday on social media that the completely new season fully packs with 13 episodes are set to make your bingeing time heaven.

After the release of season 2 in last month, the show continued the story of death Hannah Baker in a different perspective as compared to season 1. But it has confirmed by the director “Brian Yorkey” that there will be no Hannah Baker in season 3.

13 Reasons why cast

Furthermore, Brian Yorkey told EW about the role of Hannah Baker and upcoming season 3 in 2019 “Should we get a season 3; the loss of Hannah will continue to be the inciting traumatic event for this group of kids and parents. It will always be part of the story. But I don’t see a tremendous continued presence for Hannah because I think we needed her to finish telling everyone else’s side of her story and we needed her so that Clay could get to the point of saying, ‘I love you, and I let you go.’ If the story does continue, and indeed there is a lot more to know about a lot of these characters, then the spotlight focus on Hannah Baker is probably done.”

We think Brian Yorkey clear so many things related to season 3 during his interview. However, will the upcoming season in 2019 have the potential story to retain its great fan following without Hannah Baker? Only time will tell. For more updates, check our websites on a regular basis. You can also find out some fantastic content to watch in June on Netflix.



“The Staircase” has all the Things that can Fulfill Your Crime Series Cravings

Streaming content related to crime stories; always get high praise, primarily when it is based on real stories. Therefore, Netflix is also focusing on broadcasting this kind of crime content for its subscribers.

After getting a crazy fan following for “Making a Murderer,” Netflix is all set to release another true crime based series “The Stair Case” on June 8, 2018. Due to its incredible direction and story where you will be able to experience, a wired and horrific feeling of a novelist whose wife mysteriously died. That is why this upcoming show also listed in our top Netflix new releases in June 2018.

The Stair case

But at what time Netflix is releasing “The Staircase”?

Most awaited true crime story documentary is releasing today (Friday 8th June) on Netflix. All episodes are available to stream today. Netflix releases show simultaneously worldwide, meaning that it will be available at different times for viewers respective to their time zone and location.

After the mysterious death of Michael Peterson (novelist) wife, he was charged with a murder case, which creates a strong curiosity in the series due to husband-wife relationship.

To find who the real person behind the mysterious death of his wife, the story will take dangerous vicissitudes that will create narrative suspense until the last chapter of the series.

However, after analyzing the Peterson’s life, the jury gave the final verdict, which was not expected by him. He was finally sentenced to murder before more evidence comes to the court.

The Staircase prisoner

Moreover, you will able to see some fantastic surprises that make this series more thrilling and full of suspense, and you will surely crave more for it after the release of every episode.

Although, we suggest you to don’t compare this upcoming bunch of new episodes with the already released episodes. Otherwise, you might be disappointed. In short, Netflix is going to do the same as it is done with other scripted show such as “Arrested Development,” “Full House,” “Gilmore Girls” and “Black Mirror.” But the thing that makes us watch this crime and investigation series is the direction, which is phenomenal.

After all, Netflix is now all set to invest in different projects as their original content is ripping off the competitors in the market. But spending money does not make the show great, the direction and story should be unique too.

Will “The Staircase” get the same massive followings as other famous crime show on Netflix get? Only time will tell. For more updates and news regarding Netflix, keep checking our website.

How to Watch Netflix on Chromecast with Android/iOS/Windows/Mac

Google never stops to amaze its users with its incredible tech innovations. Chromecast is one of the most incredible innovations by Google, especially for people like us who want to fulfill our streaming craving without spending high price on smart TV’s.

Netflix on chrome cast

By just spending $35, now you can make your Old TV into a Netflix Theater with the help of Google Chromecast device. Yes, you read it! However, setting up Netflix on Chromecast is technically complicated as compared to other devices.

This article will provide you a detailed guide on how to watch Netflix on Chromecast that includes the following technical issues and solutions in the form of easy steps.

Before going through the following steps and solutions for Netflix not working on Chromecast, do check whether Netflix is down or not in your region.

How to Set Up Netflix on Chromecast

Are you ready to set up Netflix on Chromecast? If both Chromecast and TV are in front of you right now, then follow these instructions to setup Netflix and satisfy your bingeing cravings:

Netflix android setup on Chrome cast


  1. First, open TV > go to specific HDMI screen in which you want to plug Chromecast device
  2. Now make sure whichever iOS or Android device you want to cast, must be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as your Chromecast
  3. Now go to Google app from whichever device you are using and check whether cast icon appears on the screen or not
  4. If it appears on the screen, go to Netflix app and enjoy your favorite movie or TV show


Netflix on Chromecast Setup Issues

Following are some major and most common issues that you might face while setting up Netflix on Chromecast. If your Chromecast device is not working with whichever device you are using, following prerequisites will help you to fix this issue.

Always Update Your Devices before Streaming Netflix on Chromecast

The Netflix app supports both iOS and Android devices. The older version of OS is the only issue that stops Netflix to work with Chromecast.

Therefore, always make sure to use an updated version of your iOS and Android devices before using Netflix on Chromecast.

Use Power Adapter While Watching Netflix on Chromecast

This might be an issue with various TV brands, as they are unable to provide the appropriate amount of power supply to Chromecast device. Hence, it creates problems for users while streaming Netflix on Chromecast.

To cater this issue, you need to connect the power adapter with your Chromecast device that will provide enough amount of power supply to it.

Always Check Netflix App Update

Besides updating devices OS, non-updated version of Netflix app might create an issue to set up on Chromecast. Therefore, always check for Netflix update before streaming your favorite TV show or movie.

Don’t Add Any Special Character in Chromecast Name

Sometimes due to restricted code mechanism, when you try to synchronize two applications, they are unable to connect with each other due to the unique character used in the name.

Our tech experts also found this issue with Chromecast that if you rename its name with any distinctive character, it fails to appear on Google Home app. We recommend you do not use any special character in the name of Chromecast application when you plan to stream Netflix.

After applying, all the prerequisites mentioned above, if Netflix is still not working on Chromecast, follow the below-mentioned solutions.

Netflix is not working on Chromecast Issues-Solutions

When you are using three devices altogether, it might be possible that if two devices are working fine but one is not, so, it goes same for setting up Netflix on Chromecast. But don’t worry, you can resolve this kind of issues through the medium of our expert’s solutions which are mentioned below.

Netflix on mobile

How to Stream Netflix on Chromecast-Android

Connect both Android Device & Chromecast to Same Wi-Fi


  1. First, unlock your Android device > Open Google Home app. In case you don’t have Google Home, download it now.
  2. Now Tap the Device option in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Search for Chromecast (if Chromecast icon appears on the screen, it means it connected with the same Wi-Fi as your Android device). In case, it doesn’t appear on the screen; it may be connected to different Wi-Fi
  4. Connect your Chromecast on the same network as your Android > Check Netflix whether its start working or not.

Sign Out Your Netflix Account


  1. Open the Netflix app on your Android device > go to Menu option which is located in the top left corner
  2. Search for Sign out and tap on it.
  3. After Sign out from Netflix, Sign in again and check Netflix.


Restart Your Android Device


  1. Turn off your Android device
  2. Now wait for at least 10-20 seconds and turn on Android device
  3. When your Android device finishes turning on, connect the device to the same Wi-Fi as your Chromecast
  4. Now open the Netflix app and check whether its start working or not

How to Stream Netflix on Chromecast-iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Connect to Same Wireless Connection


  1. First, unlock your iOS device and go to the Google Home app
  2. Make sure that your Chromecast and iOS device are connected to the same network
  3. Now go to the Devices option in the top right corner of the screen and search for the Chromecast icon
  4. If the Chromecast icon appears on your iOS device screen > Open Netflix and check whether it starts working or not


How to Stream on Chromecast-Windows & Mac

Turn Off Unnecessary Chrome Extensions


  1. If you are using Chrome browser > Click on the link bar and type “chrome://extensions
  2. The list of extensions will appear > uncheck all the boxes which seems useless for you
  3. Now try Netflix and check whether it starts working or not

FAQ’s-Netflix Not Working on Chromecast

Chromecast not showing up on Netflix

Use power adapter and prevent to use a unique character in the name of Chromecast device are the only ways that could help you to fix not showing up the issue.

Error Message “Updating the Netflix App” At the Time of Login

To fix this error message issue, always keep your device and Netflix app up to date. In case if this error message is still showing up, even after updating your device and Netflix app, check whether both devices (iOS/Android device & Chromecast) are connected with same Wi-Fi or not.

If both devices are using different Wi-Fi connection, then try to connect them to the same Wi-Fi and recheck Netflix.


I hope you would find this detailed guide to set up Netflix on Chromecast helpful and easy to follow. Always remember always to check Netflix service in your region that whether it’s down or not.

If you have any query or want to share, your valuable adjudicate with us, contact us, by mentioning your comment below.

Netflix Not Working On Roku Quick Solutions

Are you unable to watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies on your Roku device? Cannot find any solution to fix this issue? Don’t worry, we have multiple solutions for you.

Roku is one of the best streaming devices that features several streaming channels such as Netflix. However, many users face the issue of Netflix not working on Roku.

Surprisingly, both Netflix and Roku support centers failed to provide any solution to fix this problem. Similarly, the solutions available on the Internet don’t always work or are useless. Therefore, we went through different platforms to find out best solutions for you.


Solutions to Fix Netflix not Working on Roku

Sign out and Sign in With Different Account

If your Netflix app on Roku failed to work after sign-in and starts showing a black screen, you can use this method to fix it:


  1. First, launch the Roku device and Open Netflix app
  2. Go to Settings > Click “Sign Out” option > Select “Exit Netflix” option
  3. Now Reopen the App and Sign-in with different Account
  4. The Netflix will start working and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies


In case, this method fails to resolve Netflix not working on Roku issue, don’t worry. You can still solve this issue by removing Netflix app and reinstalling it again.


Remove Netflix app and Reinstall it Again

Don’t freak out because you can remove and reinstall the Netflix app on Roku. We know that majority of users find this method to fix Netflix not working on Roku on different websites but are unable to find the steps.

By following the below mentioned steps, you can remove and reinstall Netflix app and it may resolve the issue:



  1. First Open Roku device > Press “Home” button to navigate towards Main Menu
  2. Select “Settings” option > Go to “Netflix Setting” option
  3. Now Select “Deactivate this Player from my Netflix Account” > the window will appear > Select “Yes” > wait for the deactivation process.
  4. Now go to Main Menu > Select “Netflix” > follow the instructions to reinstall or reactivate the app
  5. Sign in your account on Netflix and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows


Roku 2 & 3

  1. First Open Roku device>Press “Home” button to navigate towards Main Menu
  2. Now Highlight “Netflix App” > Press “*” (star) button with the help of remote
  3. The screen will pop-up > Select “Remove Channel” option> another screen will appear for confirmation
  4. Select “Remove Channel” option again for confirmation
  5. Now Go to the Main Menu>Select “Streaming Channel” option >Select “Movies & TV”>Select Netflix > Select “Add Channel” > now wait for the installation process
  6. Now Select “Go to Channel Option”
  7. Sign in your account on Netflix and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows

Still, Netflix not working on Roku? So what’s now?


Reboot the Roku Device

Yes, you can also reboot your Roku device by pressing a combination of buttons with the help of the remote. If Netflix is not working on Roku is still not resolved, then you should try this method.


Reboot Device: Press “5*Home” button > Press “1*Up” button > Press “2*Rewind” > 2*Fast Forward” button.

The device automatically scrolls down the side menu, then turns off the device, and launches it again. Now you may enjoy your favorite Netflix TV shows and movies.


Go Back to Previous Roku Firmware Version.

Lastly, if Netflix is still not working on your Roku device, then you can try to roll back the firmware version.

If your current version of Roku is 7.7 then you can roll back to 7.6. Remember that if your Roku device still using the older version such 4.7, then first update your device.


  1. Press “5*Home” button > Press “3*Fast Forward” > Press “2*Rewind”.
  2. Now Select “Update Software” option and downgrade you’re your software version (Such as from 7.7 to 7.6)


We hope you find this article helpful to solve Netflix not working on Roku issues. Although the methods that are mentioned above do not necessarily work fine for all the users.

If you still have any query, feel free to contact us by mentioning your comment below.

Suits Season 8: Get Ready to Watch on Netflix UK in July 2018

It’s a massive news for all the suits fans, especially who lives in UK, Suits season 8 will exclusively air in the coming month of July on Netflix UK with our newly weds Princess Meghan Markle.

Suits Season 8

The popular drama from the US production, Suits is one of the most lovable US-based TV shows currently. The show follows the story of a young man, who is a college dropout, fight against the senior and highly professional advocates in the city of New York.

However, this TV show has seen an incredible number of following in recent times because one of the leading actor “Meghan Markle” joined the Royal Family.

But it has also confirmed that Meghan Markle will be no longer part of Suits due to Royal Family rules and regulations. And Meghan Markle is not the only one who left the show; Suits production team confirmed that Patrick J Adams has also left the show-Sad! Isn’t it?

Moreover, due to Suits great number following, Netflix released its episodes on weekly for the past few years. It has also confirmed that Suits season 8 will be releasing on USA network on 18 July.

So when Suits season 8 is releasing on Netflix UK?

Suits season 8 Netflix Release Date

EpisodesNetflix UK Release
EP 1July 18th
EP 2July 26th
EP 3August 2nd
EP 4August 9th
EP 5August 16th
EP 6August 23rd
EP 7August 30th
EP 8September 6th

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Sense 8 Grand Finale: Everything You Should Know So Far

After very long hardships and controversies, Netflix is finally decided to broadcast “Sense 8” grand finale on 8th June 2018 that we already mentioned in our top new releases June.

Sense 8 Grand finale

After a continuous delay and huge budget conflicts between the Sense 8 officials and Netflix, fans were expected that season 2 to be the finale of the show. However, we are thankful to all the fans that took a huge step to protest against Netflix that eventually force Netflix officials to release one final episode of the grand finale.

What Might You Expect in the Grand Finale?

As we see a significant step taken by the Netflix officials in 2017 to shut down the production of some great shows including Sense 8 due to massive budget requirements.

Therefore, after Sense 8 season 2, Netflix announced that there would be no season 3. After this news, all the fans struck with massive shock in the form of social media protest to force Netflix to change their decision. Surprisingly, the protest successfully influenced Netflix officials to release Sense 8 grand finale.

Here are the things that you should see in the upcoming grand finale of Sense 8

A Lots of Storylines Need Wrapping-Up

As the season 2 ends with the Sensates in London having just captured Whispers after he was torturing Wolfgang. There are a lot of character storylines that need to sum up in the upcoming grand finale.

Sense 8

The reason why we fans are so curious about to expect the different storylines in upcoming finale episode to overreaching the story and conclusion which was still pretty much vague at the end of season 2. That’s why people shout out their feelings on social media to get the grand finale of the show.

No Major Casting Changes in Up Sense 8 Grand Finale

It is one of the best things you must know that Netflix announced “there will be no significant change in cast for the upcoming grand finale of Sense 8 as all of the previous cast was already signed a contract for season 3 before we decided not to produce season 3.

Sense 8 Grand finale cast

It means all of the main characters will return including the new actor for Capheus replaced in season 2

What We Discovered from Recent Sense 8 Con?

In Paris, the first Sense 8 con took place. In this con, we found some great discovered some incredible news for fans. The best discovery we collected from this recent con that there might be a possibility that season 3 will also be the part of Netflix plan in future.

Moreover, the release of season 3 is still not confirmed, but Sense 8 officials have confirmed that they’ll be hosting the second event next year in Paris once again, which will be happening on March 30th and March 31st, 2019.

Sense 8 Paris 2019

What’s the Duration of Grand Finale Episode?

It has confirmed the grand finale episode will be two hours long. This duration is similar to previous individual episodes in season 1 and season 2.

Final Thoughts

Fans who are looking forward to season 3, sadly the upcoming two-hour grand finale is explicitly releasing to the end of the show on a high note.

However, still, there is a lot of things to expect in the upcoming grand finale, releasing on June 8th, 2018 on Netflix. For more updates, keep visiting our website.

If you want to share your thoughts or want to ask something about the show, contact us by shouting your comment below.


Netflix New Releases in June 2018: Top Movies & TV Shows list

Turn off the lights right now! And get ready to turn your bedroom into theater because Netflix is releasing some incredible original TV shows and movies in June 2018. According to our binge experts, this month has a huge variety of shows and movies as compared to previous month releases on Netflix.

Netflix new releases in June

As summers are here, this is the best time to fulfill your bingeing cravings to the fullest. In June, Netflix is coming up with some great original series and movies that you don’t want to miss at any cost.

However, now you are thinking about how to sort out best TV series and movies from a huge list of content on Netflix. Do not worry; we are here to provide you Top 6 best movies and TV shows on Netflix in June.

Disclaimer: The following list of Netflix new releases in June 2018 is highly addictive and full of entertainment that might go beyond your expectations. Therefore, we suggest you watch the following TV shows and movies at your own risk!

Top TV Shows Coming to Netflix in June 2018

Here the list begins….

Marvel’s Luke Cage (Season 2) (Netflix Original)

Luke Cage Season 2

After season 1, which was full of great action, the most awaited stunning Marvel’s Luke Cage series is coming back with its whole new season on Netflix in June.

This show does not need any big introduction, as we know that most of you already know a lot about this amazing hero series.

The second season follows a story of powerful and nearly unbeaten superhero Luke Cage, is going to return on the streets of Harlem, where he gained fame in society. You should not miss this show in the upcoming month of June.

Release Date: 22nd June


Sense 8 (Season Finale) (Netflix Original)

Sense 8 finale

So far, Sense 8 experienced some great years in the entertainment industry. However, after Netflix officials canceled this show season due to its huge budget, finally, Netflix is ready to release season finale in June.

Release Date: 8th June


Glow (Season 2) (Netflix Original)

Glow Season 2

Finally, all the Glow series fans get ready to enjoy real experience of main stage wrestling in season 2 especially after season 1 where the audience was able to see only training session.

After getting a massive fan following in season 1, there is no doubt that upcoming season of Glow will satisfy your bingeing cravings to the fullest

Release Date: 29th June


Voltron Legendary Defenders (Season 6) (Netflix Original)

Voltron Legendary Defenders

One of the best-animated series “Voltron Legendary Defenders” produced by Netflix is coming back with its new season in June.

After almost six months, Voltron is ready to satisfy your animated cravings and believe us the way this anime is crafted; it should not be missed by anyone.

Release Date: 15th June


The Ranch (Season 5) (Netflix Original)

The Ranch Season 5

The Ranch is coming back on Netflix with its new season in June to fulfil your comedy show cravings in most hilarious manner.

Release Date 15th June


The Stair Case (Season 1) (Netflix Original)

The Stair Case

This upcoming show will take you to experience rare feelings of a person whose wife is mysteriously dying and he still could not find out the reason for it.

Release Date: 8th June


Top Movies Coming to Netflix in June 2018

And here is the movies list…

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok

So far, the best part of the Marvel’s Thor sequel is coming on Netflix. Yes, you read it right; Thor Ragnarok is coming in June on Netflix.

Release Date: 5th June


Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence

If you are looking for some hilarious cop comedy, then Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) will accompany you in the upcoming movie “Central Intelligence” on Netflix.

Release Date: 30th June

Alex Strangelove (Netflix Original)

Alex Strangelove

However, this movie is already released, although it is coming back in June on Netflix under the original banner.

Release Date: 30th June


Old Boy

Old Boy

The remake of one of the greatest Korean drama “Old Boy” is coming on Netflix in the upcoming month of June. This movie follows the story revolves around a person who was prisoned in a room for almost 20 years.

So if you are looking for full of suspense and obsessed with revenge content, then this movie is a much watch for on Netflix.

Release Date: 7th June


Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

Grace Jones Bloodlight and Bami

As previous months, this month, another documentary movie takes place in our Netflix new releases June 2018.

This documentary follows the life of incredible stage performer and singer Grace Jones that is covered in a most phenomenal way, which surely gives you goosebumps while watching it

Release Date: 1st June


Mirror Mask

Mirror Mask

The movie follows the story of a young talented circus performer, who surprisingly become a slave of his own thoughts and get stuck in the parallel world where everything is based on fantasy.

Therefore, if you are looking for something that fulfills your fictional cravings, then this movie has the potential to do so. Moreover, due to its excellent direction and smooth storyline, this movie makes it place on the list Netflix top releases in June.

Release Date:  1st June


The complete list of new releases on Netflix in June 2018

June 1

June 2

June 3

June 5

June 7

June 8

June 9

June 10

June 14

June 15

June 16

June 17

June 18

June 19

June 22

June 23

June 24

June 25

June 26

June 29

June 30

Shows Leaving in June 2018

Leaving 6/1/18

Leaving 6/2/18

Leaving 6/8/18

Leaving 6/918

Leaving 6/15/18

Leaving 6/16/18

Leaving 6/18/18

Leaving 6/20/18

Leaving 6/21/18

Leaving 6/22/18

Leaving 6/23/18

Leaving 6/25/18

Leaving 6/26/18

Leaving 6/29/18

Leaving 6/30/18

Summing Up

We hope that list mentioned above of Netflix new releases in June 2018 would greatly help you to fulfill your bingeing craving to the fullest.

Moreover, if you still want more content to watch on Netflix in June, you can choose it from the mentioned above complete list of TV shows and movies.

If you still want to find out more about TV shows and movies or have any query, feel free to contact us by mentioning your comment below.