Jennifer Aniston A Lesbian President in Netflix’s “First Ladies”

by Hamza Shahid22nd May, 2018

The environment of White House is going to be friendlier and happier in the upcoming movie “First Ladies” on Netflix.

It has confirmed that one of the best Hollywood female sensational “Jennifer Aniston” will play a leading role in Netflix’s “First Ladies.”

The film follows the fresh political comedy thriller, where Jennifer Aniston will play a role of first lesbian American President as she and her wife (Tig Notaro) start controlling the White House to prove that “behind every great woman… is another great woman…”

Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro(Jennifer Aniston & Tig Notaro)

The movie’s storyline is lined-up, it seems like streaming giant is starting to concentrate on current comedy movies based on today’s modern trends, especially after getting a mind blown success with its Sci-Fi shows.

Notaro hatches the idea of this upcoming film from an original and her misses Stephanie Allynne will be a scriptwriter. However, there is no release date yet.

Only time will tell how this upcoming film will get a response in the highly competitive market, especially regarding comedy content. Moreover, due to leading role actor, the hype of this film is getting crazier as the previous comedy movies and shows did by Jennifer Anniston never disappoints audience all around the world.

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