IS NETFLIX DOWN? After a Long Shutdown, Netflix is Up Again!

by Hamza Shahid12th Jun, 2018

Yesterday If you found the Netflix error message while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix then don’t worry you were not the only one. Netflix was going through a major outage issue worldwide yesterday June 11, 2018, when most of them were receiving this error message on their screens.

Netflix Error message


We also found huge traffic on our website that was entirely on Netflix server status check tool.


Is netflix down!!


However, just after few minutes, we saw an official tweet by Netflix about the challenges they are facing due to a technical disturbance, which results shut down of service.







Even after when the Netflix officials announced at Twitter that the service is live again, a huge amount of subscribers were still facing same Netflix streaming issues.  And when they tried to check whether service is up or down on Netflix status domain, sadly the Netflix status check page was also down.

Moreover, we found so many people on Twitter, commenting about the Netflix service is still down in their region, and there is no way to check because official service page is not loading too.

A few hours ago still some subscribers cant access the Netflix in their region.






Some of the subscribers were facing some anonymous issues while trying to watch their favorite TV show or movie on Netflix.







After a prolonged shutdown of around 1 hour, Netflix service got up again globally.


To know whether Netflix service is up or down in your region, you can check it via Netflix server status on our website.

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