7 Common Netflix Errors & Fixes

by Hamza Shahid15th Feb, 2018

­­­­Trouble having quality time with your Netflix? We can help you to resolve Netflix streaming errors!

Our lives are becoming increasingly busier by the day as we commute daily for hours in the sprawling urban jungles we inhabit. It is being increasingly incensed by the ever-mounting tasks at work, grapple with never-ending deadlines, keep track of our credit scores and try to maintain our composure and calm in between. Around the decade ago, we were advised to get respite through meditation, but today, there’s an even better option available i.e. Netflix.

Netflix is probably the world’s best video streaming service, allowing us to watch anything from cult classics to popular dramas like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Daredevil, and Black Mirror but went down when it shows some streaming error.


There’s nothing better these days than to zone out of everything, grab some snacks and tune into Netflix, after a long tiring day at work.

But sometimes, your Netflix app can suddenly turn unresponsive, show an error or just get stuck in the middle of a great movie. When such a thing happens, it can get on your nerves and foil your overall experience. However, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed by following a few, easy to do steps and patience, and that’s exactly what we’ll help you achieve here.

Whenever you start thinking “Is Netflix down”, follow this guide to get things back to normal and continue enjoying from exactly where you left.

Let us walk you through 7 commonly encountered Netflix errors and how to best fix them fast!

1: Bad Quality Video or Unusually Long Loading Times

Crying poor quality video

The most common culprit behind these two notorious problems is a slow internet connection on your end. There’s a certain minimum internet speed required to keep Netflix running at its most optimum level and if you are not getting it, then Netflix won’t work properly.

When you suspect something like this, we advise that you run a speed test to check the current speed of your connection and if it’s too low, then follow these steps:

  • Move your router out if a wall or a big piece of furniture is obscuring it. Normally, these things don’t affect the connection quality, but sometimes they do, so it’s best that you re-position your router to a high place where it can fire signals unhindered.
  • Check if the internet cable is properly plugged in or not into the modem. If other services or websites are running very slowly, then you might find the culprit right here.
  • Restart your modem or Wi-Fi Router after unplugging it from power for about a minute or two.
  • Check with your internet provider and see whether the service is down within your area of if they are encountering any issues. If this is what the problem is, you’ll need to wait it out and if this becomes a regular occurrence, we would suggest shifting to a new provider to get a better experience.

2: VPN Issues

If you are too secure about your data and use a VPN to neutralize any attempts to log it, then you might see this error show up while trying to watch Netflix through a VPN connection:

Netflix Streaming Error

Netflix doesn’t like VPNs and it has gone to a great extent in making sure that you can’t log into their service while using one. The reason?

Netflix, in addition to having a wide repertoire of movies and dramas available to everyone, anywhere in the world, also furnishes content that is restricted to specific geographic locations.

Like, say, for e.g. something meant for the US market won’t be available to users in the UK. One way to bypass this restriction is meant to be a VPN, which directly puts you in a confrontation with Netflix’s policies. And that’s why, if Netflix detects an IP that is associated with a VPN, its blocks it.

One easy way to go around this is to turn off your VPN, but if you don’t like that, then you can switch to other, better VPN services because they still know how to bypass these firewalls and restrictions with their big, dedicated network of servers located all over the world. Free VPNs normally don’t work on Netflix, so it’s better to switch to paid services like these to secure access.

3: You Are Not Able To Download Movies

For those who don’t know about it yet, Netflix has rolled out a new feature that allows users to download movies if they prefer to do it.

Netflix watch offline error

And if you still are unable to use this feature, then you should follow these steps:

  • This feature only works on mobiles that are either running Android 4.4.2 and higher or IOS 8.0 and higher. Check if you are on a compatible platform before proceeding further.
  • If there is an Update available on the Netflix app and you haven’t installed it yet, we would advise you to do that as soon as possible. Normally, movies start downloading if you resolve these two issues.
  • Netflix doesn’t allow movies to be downloaded if you have jailbroken into there. There’s no solution to this problem except for going through an authentic route.
  • Check if you have enough storage in your device required to download the selected movie. At least free space up to 200 Mb in addition to the space required by the movie, to make the process as seamless as possible.

4: Netflix Is Showing You Either Error 1101 Or 1102

These two problems occur mostly on portable Apple devices like the iPad or iPhone. This usually occurs due to an issue with the app’s current status. Here’s how you can easily fix that with little fuss:

  • Reset the app by following this procedure: Go to Settings on your device> Find Netflix, you’ll see it once you start scrolling down> Tap on it> In Netflix settings, you’ll see the Reset option below the About Section> Reset the app> Close everything> Open Netflix app again> Sign in and Continue.
  • If this doesn’t help much, then please delete the app and install it again.
  • Still, see the same set of errors? Check your internet connection status.

5: Error 12001 For Android Users

This signifies that your data cache is up for a clear. Here’s how can clear it:

  • Go to Settings> App Manager> Opt for Netflix> Opt for Clear Data Option> Opt for OK> you’re now good to go!

6: Too Many Password Reset Requests

If you start getting too many password reset requests then there’s a very big chance that your account is being compromised through unauthorized usage. But, if there is an email saying the same thing, beware! Don’t click on any link as it might be a phishing attempt.


We would advise you to go to Netflix’s home page login and choose forgot my password to get an authentic reset link. This will definitely solve the proliferation of too many password reset requests and make your session easy to manage and fluid.

7: Getting A Black Screen on PC or Mac

This is quite similar in nature to error 12001 in Android, as it will require you to visit Netflix’s Cookie Clearing Website. Once here, you need to clear the cache and then go back to check Netflix again. This action might prompt a sign in, as it can make the device de-remember your login credentials. Sign in again and it will probably come back to life a usual, but if you still see a black screen, check for the following issues:

  • Netflix isn’t a very good friend of the Silverlight Plugin or older versions of Antiviruses. Make sure your remove or update them and try again.
  • Close the browser and start all over again.
  • Check your Internet Connection.

Final Words

This guide will definitely help improve your overall experience by allowing you to find a way around unwelcome nuisances that spoil your Netflix sessions. But, if you have a query that we have not covered, you are always allowed to contact Netflix’s support team anytime you want.

They offer help through call, online chat and even through Twitter and we recommend the latter, because they are faster to revert back on Twitter and secondly, your query might help other users find solutions to their similar queries as well, allowing you to play a big role towards making this service even more worthwhile and fulfilling than it’s ever been before.

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