Netflix Not Working On Roku Quick Solutions

by Hamza Shahid5th Jun, 2018

Are you unable to watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies on your Roku device? Cannot find any solution to fix this issue? Don’t worry, we have multiple solutions for you.

Roku is one of the best streaming devices that features several streaming channels such as Netflix. However, many users face the issue of Netflix not working on Roku.

Surprisingly, both Netflix and Roku support centers failed to provide any solution to fix this problem. Similarly, the solutions available on the Internet don’t always work or are useless. Therefore, we went through different platforms to find out best solutions for you.


Solutions to Fix Netflix not Working on Roku

Sign out and Sign in With Different Account

If your Netflix app on Roku failed to work after sign-in and starts showing a black screen, you can use this method to fix it:


  1. First, launch the Roku device and Open Netflix app
  2. Go to Settings > Click “Sign Out” option > Select “Exit Netflix” option
  3. Now Reopen the App and Sign-in with different Account
  4. The Netflix will start working and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies


In case, this method fails to resolve Netflix not working on Roku issue, don’t worry. You can still solve this issue by removing Netflix app and reinstalling it again.


Remove Netflix app and Reinstall it Again

Don’t freak out because you can remove and reinstall the Netflix app on Roku. We know that majority of users find this method to fix Netflix not working on Roku on different websites but are unable to find the steps.

By following the below mentioned steps, you can remove and reinstall Netflix app and it may resolve the issue:



  1. First Open Roku device > Press “Home” button to navigate towards Main Menu
  2. Select “Settings” option > Go to “Netflix Setting” option
  3. Now Select “Deactivate this Player from my Netflix Account” > the window will appear > Select “Yes” > wait for the deactivation process.
  4. Now go to Main Menu > Select “Netflix” > follow the instructions to reinstall or reactivate the app
  5. Sign in your account on Netflix and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows


Roku 2 & 3

  1. First Open Roku device>Press “Home” button to navigate towards Main Menu
  2. Now Highlight “Netflix App” > Press “*” (star) button with the help of remote
  3. The screen will pop-up > Select “Remove Channel” option> another screen will appear for confirmation
  4. Select “Remove Channel” option again for confirmation
  5. Now Go to the Main Menu>Select “Streaming Channel” option >Select “Movies & TV”>Select Netflix > Select “Add Channel” > now wait for the installation process
  6. Now Select “Go to Channel Option”
  7. Sign in your account on Netflix and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows

Still, Netflix not working on Roku? So what’s now?


Reboot the Roku Device

Yes, you can also reboot your Roku device by pressing a combination of buttons with the help of the remote. If Netflix is not working on Roku is still not resolved, then you should try this method.


Reboot Device: Press “5*Home” button > Press “1*Up” button > Press “2*Rewind” > 2*Fast Forward” button.

The device automatically scrolls down the side menu, then turns off the device, and launches it again. Now you may enjoy your favorite Netflix TV shows and movies.


Go Back to Previous Roku Firmware Version.

Lastly, if Netflix is still not working on your Roku device, then you can try to roll back the firmware version.

If your current version of Roku is 7.7 then you can roll back to 7.6. Remember that if your Roku device still using the older version such 4.7, then first update your device.


  1. Press “5*Home” button > Press “3*Fast Forward” > Press “2*Rewind”.
  2. Now Select “Update Software” option and downgrade you’re your software version (Such as from 7.7 to 7.6)


We hope you find this article helpful to solve Netflix not working on Roku issues. Although the methods that are mentioned above do not necessarily work fine for all the users.

If you still have any query, feel free to contact us by mentioning your comment below.

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