Netflix Not Working on Sony Smart TV: FIXED

by Hamza Shahid24th May, 2018

If you are trying to solve the issue of Netflix not working on your Sony smart TV, then you have come to the right place. There are several methods you can adapt to fix Netflix errors.

Fixing Netflix on Sony Smart TV is totally different from Samsung smart TV. In order to fix Netflix not working on Sony Smart TV, we test all the methods to the maximum.

Netflix not working on sony tv

Although, there are some perquisites that should be mandatory to take before applying different solutions to fix Netflix issue on Sony Smart TV.

Are you mad streaming lover and your main purpose to buy Sony smart TV is to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows and movies on it? Then you should purchase Sony smart TV from the following range of models. The reason why we recommend you to purchase one of the following models is that they are tested by Netflix officials.

Netflix Recommended Sony Smart TVs

All 2017 Sony Smart TVs

X7500E | X8000E | X8001E | X8200E | X8500E | X8501E | X9000E | X9001E | X9300E | X9400E | X9500E | A1

All 2016 Sony Smart TVs

S85D | X85D | X93D | X94D | XD93 | XD94 | SD85 | XD85

S8000D | S8500D | X7000D | X7500D | X8000D | X8500D | X9300D | X9400D | Z9D

Older Version Sony Smart TV’s

EX521 | EX620 | EX621 | EX720 | EX723 | NX720 | HX729 | HX820 | HX929

Remember in order to successfully apply the following solutions, the minimum internet speed should be 2.5 Mbps

Activate Your Sony Smart TV and Netflix App

We find this method most suitable to fix Netflix not working on Sony smart TV issue. In order to apply these steps, please follow these steps:


  1. First, launch Sony smart TV > Go to “Settings” option > Select “Network Setup” option
  2. Now Select “Internet Connection” and press Enter button
  3. Select Auto IP option
  4. After connected to the Internet, Press “Home” button to go back to the home screen and Open Netflix app
  5. The window will appear asking to “Please Register” and provides you “registration code”
  6. Open browser on your PC/Laptop/Smartphone>go to “” > Click “New to My Essentials”
  7. Select device type “BRAVIA Internet Television” > type your Registration Code and fill the whole registration form and Click “Continue” option
  8. Now go back to your Sony Smart TV > Select Netflix AppSony smart TV netflix app
  9. The window will appear “Are you member of Netflix” > Select “Yes”
  10. Now you get the Netflix activation code for your Sony smart TV
  11. Open browser PC/Laptop/Smartphone and go to> Login into your Netflix accountNetflix account
  12. Now after login into your account> type “Activation Code” and Click “Activate” option
  13. Your Netflix app on your Sony smart TV start syncing automaticallySony smart Tv syncing automatically
  14. When activation is complete, content on Netflix app will start appearing and now you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and moviesNetflix app on sony smart tv

You can also check the following video in order to apply this method:

If the above-mentioned method fails to work, try the following method to fix Netflix not working on Sony smart TV.

Refresh Your Internet App


  1. Go to Home screen and Select “Settings”
  2. Select “Network” option
  3. Now Select “Refresh Internet Content” and try the Netflix app again on your Sony smart TV.
  4. If you do not see “Refresh Internet Content” option, return to “Settings” and follow these steps
  5. Select “Preferences” option
  6. Now Select “Setup”
  7. Select “Network” option
  8. Select “Refresh Internet Content” option
  9. Now open Netflix app and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies

Contact Sony Officials

It may be the case that your Sony smart TV is not running Netflix due to software and hardware issue. In order to watch Netflix on your Sony smart TV, we would advise you to contact Sony officials and ask for the following:

  • Request them to upgrade your Sony smart TV to the latest firmware
  • Request them how to factory reset your smart TV

If these steps still fail to resolve Netflix not working on Sony smart TV, then Sony officials will probably provide you other methods to fix it according to your smart TV model.

In case if they still fail to provide any appropriate solution for this issue, then sadly you only have one option, replace your Sony smart TV or use a different device to continue your Netflix streaming.


We hope that you find this article helpful to resolve Netflix not working on Sony smart TV issue. Remember, whenever you are applying the above-mentioned methods, always check the prerequisites and check the server reponse rate of Netflix through our free tool.

In order to keep yourself from these types of Netflix not working issues, always purchase Netflix recommended TV models.

If you still have any confusion and query email us.

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