3 Quick Solutions for Netflix not Working on Panasonic Smart TV

by Hamza Shahid8th May, 2018

If you are looking for some tremendous binge-watching experience, then Netflix is the place to fulfill your streaming cravings. However, when you try to open Netflix app, suddenly a message appears on the screen, which says “Netflix not working on Panasonic Smart TV.”

Netflix not working on Panasonic Smart TV

And when you search for solutions on Netflix official website, you are unable to find any appropriate fix. We know that this situation is painful for every streaming lover and that is why we found quick solutions to fix Netflix not working on Panasonic Smart TV.

This article will provide you solutions for Netflix not working on your Panasonic Smart TV. However, before applying the following solutions, let see which Panasonic Smart TV series support Netflix app.

Which Panasonic smart TV’s support Netflix App

Before going through solution part following are the list of Panasonic Smart TV models, which support Netflix App

2016 TV Models

  • DX900 Series, DX740 Series, DX700 Series, DX640 Series, DX600 Series, DS630 Series, DS610 Series and DS500 Series.

2015 Panasonic TV Models

  • CS600Z Series, CS610Z Series, CS650Z Series, CX610Z Series, CX640Z Series, CX700Z Series and CX800Z Series.

2014 Panasonic TV Models

  • X940Z Series, AX900 Series, AX800 Series, AX670 Series, AS800 Series, AS700 Series, AS670 Series, AS640 Series, AS630 Series and AS610 Series.

2013 Panasonic TV Models

  • ST60Z Series, VT60Z Series, E6Z Series, ET60Z Series, DT60Z Series, WT60Z Series and WT600Z Series.

2012 Panasonic TV Models:

  • E5Z Series, ET5Z Series, ET50Z Series, DT50Z Series, WT50Z Series, UT50Z Series, ST50Z Series, GT50Z Series and VT50Z Series.

Netflix not working on Panasonic Smart TV-Solutions

If the Netflix app is showing error on your Panasonic Smart TV and all other apps are working correctly, then there may be an issue of Netflix app registration or DNS settings.

Before applying the following solutions to fix Netflix not working on Panasonic Smart TV, check whether Netflix service is down or not at your location.

So, I hope you have checked the server response time and now you are ready to check these 3 quick solutions.

1. Change Your Panasonic Smart TV DNS Settings

Changing DNS setting is the most common solution to fix Netflix not working on Smart TV. Therefore, it is also applicable to fix Netflix error on your Panasonic Smart TV.

Here are the steps to change DNS settings on Panasonic Smart TV


  1. Launch your Panasonic Smart TV
  2. Now go to Network Menu with the help of Smart TV remote
  3. Now Change DNS settings to 8.8.8 (Remember that the location of network settings may vary depending on your Panasonic Smart TV model)Panasonic smart tv setup
  4. Now go back to Main Menu > Open Netflix app and check whether it works or not

If the solution mentioned above does not enable you to connect to Netflix app on Panasonic Smart TV, then try to reactivate and deactivate method to fix this issue.

2. Reactivate and Deactivate the Netflix App on Panasonic Smart TV

Reactivate and deactivate the Netflix App on your Panasonic Smart TV might fix not working error. Sometimes Netflix app unable to reactivate user account automatically that shows Netflix registration error.

Here are the steps to apply this method to fix Netflix not working issue on your Panasonic smart TV.


  1. Open your Panasonic Smart TV and go to Main Menu
  2. Now Open the Netflix app and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP with the help of navigation button on the remotePanasonic smart tv Netflix setup
  3. If you press the above-mentioned pattern correctly, then deactivation screen will appear and if it doesn’t, repeat step 2 againPanasonic netflix setup
  4. Now with the help of the remote deactivate your Netflix account
  5. Once you successfully deactivated your Netflix account, the Netflix sign in screen will appearNetflix setup on Panasonic smart tv
  6. Now reactivate your Netflix account and check whether it starts working or not

3. Deactivate Netflix Account from All Devices

If the solutions mentioned above failed to fix Netflix error on your Panasonic Smart TV, then try to deactivate Netflix account from all devices. This method works fine for most of the Panasonic Smart TV users.

The only drawback of this method is that after applying it, you have to sign in Netflix account again on your all devices. Here are the steps to implement this solution.


  1. First, launch the browser on your system or laptop and go to official Netflix website
  2. Sign in your Netflix account and wait for the process
  3. Now select “Your Account” option by clicking on the top right corner of the website
  4. The Settings Menu will appear > select “Manage devices and
  5. Click on the “Deactivate” option
  6. Now launch your Panasonic TV and open the Netflix app
  7. The message will appear that shows “the account has been deactivated” > sign in to your Netflix account and wait for the process
  8. After sign in is complete, close the app and open it again
  9. Now you can enjoy favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix

Other FAQ’s-Netflix not working on Panasonic Smart TV

How to access Netflix on Panasonic Smart TV

When you open your Panasonic Smart TV, The Netflix app will automatically appear on Viera Connect Main menu. However, if the Netflix app doesn’t appear on the main list, don’t worry, you can download it from “App Marketplace” store.

Using Netflix on your Panasonic TV or Blu-ray player

You can use Netflix either on Panasonic Smart TV or Blue-ray player by selecting the Netflix app from the main menu.

Netflix problem on Panasonic Viera Smart TV issues

Netflix problem on Panasonic Viera Smart TV occurs due to DNA settings or Netflix app registration issues. However, the solutions mentioned above would help you to fix Netflix error on your Panasonic Viera Smart.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you would find this guide helpful to fix Netflix not working issue on Panasonic Smart TV. Before applying the solution always, remember to check Netflix service status at your location.

In case if you still have any query or want to add something, feel free to contact us, by mentioning your comment below.

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