Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV Quick Solution!

by Hamza Shahid21st Mar, 2018

Are you one of those who spends all your savings to purchase a Smart TV? There is no doubt, Smart TV is one of the best innovation for streaming lovers. Maybe better than Tesla’s innovation. Just kidding!

Smart TV is the best way to enjoy both traditional TV content and Internet content at the same time. It offers entertaining apps like the Netflix that takes user experience to next level. Since, Netflix is one of these apps, providing you a feature to stream content online directly onto your TV screen. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows across 150+ nations.

But what if you are suffering from a problem, especially on Samsung Smart TV that Netflix is not working then don’t worry our article will help you to take out from this painful situation.

Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV

In order to resolve Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV, we try different techniques to fix this problem.


Solutions to Fix Netflix Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

There are various tips available on different platforms to fix Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV. But, users fail to fix Netflix problem by using these tips.

Netflix not working on samsung smart tv

The most common solution recommended by many, which has a dubious track record for working, is to change your DNS setting to “”. So when you ask for help to fix the Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV, we are sure that you get the same DNS setting solution.

Surprisingly, Samsung and Netflix support center failed to provide any solution for this issue. According to our personal experience, when we communicate with both Netflix and Samsung support center, they couldn’t provide any quick remedy for this issue and started blaming each other.

So, what’s the solution?


Reinstall Netflix App on Samsung Smart TV

Don’t panic after reading the word “reinstall”!  It is possible to reinstall the Netflix app on your TV smart Hub without going through any complex procedure.

Reinstall panic meme

We tried different techniques to fix this issue with Netflix issue and this best way to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on Samsung Smart TV is through this solution.

Here are the steps to reinstall the Netflix app:

  1. Open your smart TV, connect to the internet and go to Smart Hub main menu.
  2. Now Press “Fast Forward> 289> Rewind”, a window will appear saying “Internet Service Location Setup”.
  3. Now Select the country where Netflix app is not available on Smart TVs such as Afghanistan or Syria (don’t worry about the language, you can change it later)
  4. Smart Hub automatically will start deleting the apps and install those apps which are available in your selected country
  5. A window will appear “Terms and Conditions”, Click “Agree”
  6. Now wait for the notification “Services Updated”
  7. The Smart Hub menu will show all the available apps according to the selected country
  8. Now Press “Fast Forward > 289 > Rewind, set the location to your home country (Make sure Netflix is available in your home country)
  9. The Smart Hub will automatically start deleting the apps and reinstall them according to your country
  10. Now the Netflix app reinstalls automatically and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies

However, this is not the only solution for Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV, but it is highly recommended by many users.

Problem solved


One of the users found this solution perfect to fix Netflix not working on Smart TV:

solution to fix Netflix on smart tv

Although there is one user for which this solution doesn’t work:

Solution not worked

Tentative Solutions to Fix Netflix Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

It is possible that the reinstall process may not work with some smart TV models, but chances of that happening are rare. Although if the above solution doesn’t fix the Netflix app, we figured out some more tips for you.

Unplug the Smart TV for 30 Seconds

Its sound’s weird, but this tip really works sometimes. If your Netflix app is not working on your smart TV, simply unplug the TV switch and wait for 30 seconds.

Now plug the switch back and your Netflix will start working. Some of the users apply this technique and it greatly works for them

We found some great comments related to unplugging solution to fix Netflix App

Another happy user comments on the same tutorial:

happy user

Cancelled & Renewed the Netflix Subscription

This is the last tip for Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV solution. Cancel your Netflix subscription for a month and renew it.

Although this is not a permanent solution and takes very long time to fix Netflix not working issue. It may work for you when other solutions fail to fix this issue.

We found one user comment which actually used this technique

Cancel Netflix subscription

Final Thoughts

We hope that you would find this article informative and it helps you to fix Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV issue. It is possible that both Samsung and Netflix support system find some reliable solution which definitely works for every Samsung Smart TV user.

If you still face the issue even after trying the above tips, feel free to contact us.


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