5 Best Solutions for Netflix Not Working on Xbox One

by Hamza Shahid30th Mar, 2018

If you are a mad console gamer and a big fan of Netflix at the same time, then you definitely watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your console. Although, if you are using Xbox One, then maybe you are facing the issue of Netflix Not Working on Xbox One.

Netflix not working issue is very common and many users face it on a regular basis. After analyzing this problem, we are here to provide the simplest method to solve this issue.

Netflix not working on Xbox One

Normally, different platforms fail to cover all the solutions to fix Netflix not working on Xbox One. And, if they do mention solutions, they usually don’t work and users get frustrated to fix this issue.

Before using methods to fix this issue, it is necessary to take care of some important prerequisites; otherwise, not a single method will work!

So what are these prerequisites?

Prerequisites to run Netflix streaming on Xbox One

There are some minimum requirements to run Netflix streaming on Xbox One.

  1. The download speed should between 0.5 to 25 Mbps, based on whether you are using SD, Ultra HD, HD or Broadband quality
  2. If you are looking to stream Netflix in HD, make sure you have subscribed to a HD plan, also set video quality on Auto
  3. HD quality streaming consumes high bandwidth, so if you have limited data package, switch the video settings to medium to save data

Once you meet the above requirements, try all the solutions mentioned below.

Here are 5 Methods to Fix Netflix Not Working on Xbox One

1. Restart Your Router


  1. First, Switch off Router for minimum 30 seconds
  2. Now Switch off your Xbox One
  3. Switch on the Router
  4. Now wait until the Router shows all the lights
  5. Turn your Xbox One and connect it to internet
  6. Now go to Netflix app and check whether its start working or not

Does this method solve your Netflix working issue? If not, try next method.

2. Directly Connect your Xbox One with Router


  1. Switch off your Xbox One console
  2. Connect the internet directly to your Xbox One console with an Ethernet cable
  3. Switch off your router for 30 seconds
  4. Now Switch on the router and wait until router shows all the lights.
  5. Switch on your Xbox One console
  6. Check if Netflix working or not

If this method doesn’t work, then try methods mentioned in below.

3. Restart Your Netflix App


1.With controller “Arrow buttons”, navigate and highlight Netflix app on your Xbox One main menu




2.Now press “ROBLOX Menu”



3. Now Select “Quit” option


4. Now reopen the Netflix on your Xbox One and check it works or not

If this method still failed to resolve Netflix not working issue, try restarting the console method.

4. Restart Your Xbox One Console


  1. First Switch off your Xbox one by pressing “Home” button
  2. Now plug off the power switch on your console, then press and hold the power key on the console for 5 to 10 seconds
  3. wait for a minute.
  4. After that plug on the power switch of your console, then press the Home button with the controller to launch it
  5. Now you can open the Netflix app on Xbox one and check whether its working or not

If this method resolves your Netflix not working issue, then you don’t need to follow the last method.

But in case if it still fails to resolve the issue, then the last option is to uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix App on Xbox One


1. First, launch your Xbox one console by pressing and holding “Home” button on the controller.

2. On Main Menu, Select “My games and apps”


3. Now Select Apps option


4. Now Search and Highlight “Netflix App” and press the menu button with the controller

5. Now Select “Manage app” option

6. Now Select “Uninstall All” option

7. Now Press “Home” button to go to Main Menu and Select “Store” option and Select Netflix app

8. Now Install “Netflix App” and enjoy Netflix on your Xbox One.


I hope you would find this article helpful to solve Netflix not working on Xbox One. Always, check perquisites before trying to solve this issue.


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