Netflix is All Set to Release Minecraft Story Mode Later this Year

by Hamza Shahid14th Jun, 2018

The previous year, The Verge reported that Netflix was looking to introduce new and exciting content for kids, which includes shows like Buddy Thunderstruck, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, etc.

The results of this story tales series were surprisingly successful. Therefore according to Tech Radar, Netflix is all set to release Minecraft story mode later this year.

What’s New in Minecraft Story Mode on Netflix?

The Minecraft story mode will be featuring new character “Jesse” (who, it should be said, can be either men or women), which keep putting efforts to save the world. According to Netflix official, the upcoming new series of Minecraft story will be based on its game version story and will be premier in the form of five episode bundle series.

Moreover, Netflix official also stated that the upcoming Minecraft story mode would provide an out of the world experience by delivering video files and also features of ability to accept command with any controller, which contains select and directional buttons.

This Minecraft Story Mode feature will be a great addition to Netflix, as subscribers will get the opportunity of experiencing point-and-click mechanics gaming. Moreover, according to TechRadar the owner of Minecraft “Telltale” is also planning to develop “Stranger Things” game for traditional gaming consoles.

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