Is Netflix Streaming FIFA World Cup 2018?

by Hamza Shahid21st Jun, 2018

There is a huge curiosity going on among the subscribers of streaming giant regarding Netflix World Cup 2018. Especially, after Netflix confirms a long collaboration to streaming original documentary series of FIA Formula 1 World Championship in the start of 2019.

But sadly Netflix won’t be streaming FIFA World Cup 2018, and there is no plan to transmit one of the most significant sporting events in future.

Fifa World Cup 2018 on Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix has transformed the trend of watching your favorite TV shows and movies incredibly by providing a platform where everyone can make their home into bingeing paradise. However, events like FIFA World Cup are still not in the plan of streaming giant, which is a massive disappointment to most of the streamers.

Events like FIFA World Cup 2018 is something that nobody wants to miss, and that’s why according to our analytics teams the Netflix trend is drastically going down due to the sporting event.

As a mad football fan and Netflix content lover at the same time, it is tough to accept that there is no way to watch Netflix World Cup 2018. And it becomes more difficult to accept when one of the competitors of Netflix is offering dedicated link to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live matches. Yes, you read it right, according to “Cord Cutters”, Hulu is the only streaming platform that offers live streaming of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

So Why Netflix is not interested in showing FIFA World Cup 2018? It’s straightforward to understand that it requires a tremendous amount of money and restrictions coming from existing contracts of Netflix with different production houses. So it might be the substantial possible reason that Netflix is not ready to spend a massive amount of money for the event which has the potential for few weeks only.

Moreover, there are also some restrictions towards FIFA officials to provide a contract to streaming service like Netflix due to its long terms contracts with different online channels in different regions. Like for example in the UK, BBC and ITV are the ones who have the rights to stream FIFA World Cup until 2022.

Is there any possibility that Netflix will broadcast sports events like FIFA World Cup in Future? Well right now, to be honest, Netflix far away to broadcast live sports events. Although Netflix has shown some interest to produce some historical sports events documentaries as we mentioned above like Formula 1 and Michael Jordan documentary series that gives us a little hope to see sporting events on Netflix in future

It means Netflix is more interested in streaming some great top shows and movies content. However, Amazon will become a first-ever streaming platform that will offer live sports matches, starting with Premier League in 2020.


That’s all from our site about how to watch Netflix World Cup 2018. However, there is a great possibility that you could watch events like FIFA World Cup on Netflix due to rising expectations of subscribers and pressure coming from its competitors.

How much will Netflix take to streaming live sports events? Only time will tell. For more updates, keep checking our website. Also, if you want to suggest anything valuable or add something, feel free to contact us through our Facebook page IsNetflixDown


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