Pixar’s Incredibles 2 Review Says the Film is a Perfect Sequel

by Hamza Shahid22nd Jun, 2018

After fourteen years, the Incredibles are back in the business with another mind-twisting story.  There is no denying Pixar’s sequel has surpassed expectations by a long distance. Interestingly, Incredibles 2 highlights the same 1960’s superhero family story, but you will observe a world of difference regarding animation.

Incredible 2


Yes, you have read it correctly. It would not be wrong to say that the latest Pixar film has turned to be Incredibles 2.0. The picture provides action-packed scenes in a detailed manner. Above all, the Disney movie sequel has produced an enormous amount of $180 M concerning tickets sale.

What is New for the Viewers in Sequel

According to writer-director Brad Bird’s viewpoint, the movie does not sound like a typical superhero film. If you have watched “The Incredibles” earlier, you will observe that Jack-Jack has demonstrated much more power. If you are assuming Jack-Jack as the main villain, you are thinking in the right direction.

Surprisingly, the latest movie offers much more improvement in three attributes and these are:

Better hair for Violet

The animators have done a fantastic job for the movie Incredibles 2. They spent more than six months to test and tweak the avatar of Violet. Still, they were not able to give her a decent look. Thus, they had to consult the issue with the director. Hence, they added a feature of long hair that became an instant hit in the end.

A Bigger house

What makes the biggest animated box office film appealing to the viewers is the size of its new home. It is much bigger than the old house that was portrayed during the first part, the Incredibles. The new house is a gigantic one because it is 20,000 square feet home but depicts relatively old 1960’s style of designing.

Still, you cannot undermine the use of latest technology in the new house. If you oversee the movie, you can quickly identify streams that go through the living room.

A trained rescue amplified

A train rescue scene made the original part unforgettable for the fans. Luckily, you will get an opportunity to experience the same stage during the second part in a different way. Helen, an elastic girl, will be showing her superpowers while stopping a runaway train.

Incredibles 2 fans response

It should not be a massive surprise for you if you find Incredibles movie fans in huge numbers. There are followers from different parts of the world who have praised new Pixar movie. As per the response of one Twitter user, the film has enough features that can blow your mind to another level.

Likewise, the famous animated movie fans are pleading other movies fanatics to watch the second part of Incredibles as soon as possible.

This brings us to an end! We hope you enjoy Incredibles 2. Do drop us a comment and let us know your reviews. For the time being, you can check out the top June new releases on Netflix.



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