Is Netflix Down-Privacy Policy

The mentioned below statements explain privacy statement. Regulations are modified based on timely requirements. Therefore we recommend you always to check our policy section.

Based on our cookies policy and personal data policy, your data is carefully processed and secured by us related to GDPR implications.

Following is the breakdown of our privacy policy:

  • We clearly defined our primary aims before using personal data of our users under our privacy and cookie policy.
  • We ultimately extract user’s data only to the point that is required to complete legal purposes.
  • The notification or email will send to the users in case more personal data is required to provide extra services or change in the privacy statement.
  • Our users have all the right to delete, inspect and correct their personal that is available on our platform anytime.

However, we don’t have any third party involvement yet, so acts as a data controller. In this privacy policy, we elaborate which kind of user’s data we gather and use for what purposes.

We suggest you read this privacy policy carefully before using our services.

Collection of Users Personal Data

At, while using our tool services, you are required to provide some personal data. We use your data only at the time of using our services.

We do not use your data other than providing services through our website. At primary, provides an analytical tool service that helps users to get the information whether Netflix is down at their location or not, which requires data related server log files.

We only collect this data to provide you efficient services through our platform. So if you are using our tool website, then we will require your following personal data:

  • IP address
  • Cookie ID
  • Geolocation
  • The comments and quires that you posted on our website

Personal Data Collection Objectives

At, we collect user’s data for the following objectives

  • To provide you Netflix service availability status in users region
  • To inform you related to the services you requested
  • To reply you according to the query you asked for
  • To ensure you best advertisements on our website based on your interest
  • To show you relative content on our platform, which fits best for you
  • To notify you about new content and service update on our website
  • To update you regarding new updates and offers on our website


Cookies are a small set of data files in which we gather user information to save you from filling the same information repeatedly. Moreover, we use them to check how many times you visited our website.

This process is done with the help of browser you are using on your device (such as a tablet, PC, laptop or smartphone). The information collected in the form of cookies may track your IP address to provide you Netflix down service, but will keep your identity completely hidden, which means our servers doesn’t reveal your identity or privacy to third parties.

Still, if you are not feeling okay with cookies, you can disable them through your browser settings, but you have to face difficulties in getting latest updates and services we offered on our websites.

At, we used cookies for the following purposes

  • To provide efficient service to our users and keep running the functions of our platform
  • With the help of analytical cookies, generate overall statistical data to keep our record up to date regarding website traffic
  • To provide most valuable products and services advertisements that keep you up to date related to ongoing trends
  • To offer you medium to share our exciting content on different social platforms

Note: For the first time when you visit, a pop up will appear on the screen regarding our policy statement, how we use cookies and ask your permission to use cookies.

Google Analytics

To track visitors on, we use Google Analytics according to Google processing terms and condition.

Google Analytics record visitor’s information and data related to activities they do on our website. However, we do our best to keep users data secured as much as possible.

Although, when you visit our website before Google Analytics processes your data, we ask for the permission before allowing it to gather your information.

Third Party Platforms

This privacy statement doesn’t apply to affiliations and third-party platforms that are related to We can’t take the responsibility of third party websites and affiliates that they will handle your personal data according to online privacy regulations. Therefore we recommend that you should read the privacy policy of their websites before using them.

Social Platforms

At, we provide the feature of sharing our services and content on different social platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.).

These social websites use cookies. Here we need to clarify that we take no responsibility over these cookies used by them. Therefore, we suggest you read their privacy statement related to sharing different content and links regarding what they do with your personal data that is collected through cookies.

Modifications Regarding Privacy Statement & Cookies

At, we have the complete control to change this privacy statement. However, when any change happens in our privacy statement, a notification will send to you as soon as possible.

Users Right Regarding Personal Data

At, if you are using our services, to know how much personal data you shared with us, you can send us a request to

Data Protection Support

At, there is no denying that we will assist you to the maximum in case you have any query or complaint regarding the processing of your personal data gathered with the help of cookies.

Based on the privacy regulations of GDPR, every user of has the right to register a query or complaint regarding protection of personal data against our processing mechanism.

Contact Details

If you still have any query or question regarding our privacy and cookie policy, feel free to contact us, by sending an email to