A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 – Release Date and Predictions!

by Hamza Shahid20th Mar, 2018

A much darker and comedic tale than Harry Potter, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is based on the best-selling thirteen books by the same name, written by Daniel Handler. From 1999 to 2006, these books achieved huge success in the young adult fiction category, leading to the creation of a 2004 feature film, which saw Jim Carrey playing the role of the infamous “Count Olaf” –  and boy was it a treat to watch!

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However, enough of the past, let’s talk about the RECENT. If you haven’t already heard, SEASON 2 is FINALLY COMING for the official TV series. Yes, you heard that right. The first episode will release on March 30, finally satisfying our curiosity about what will happen next.  SPOILER ALERT: previously, we saw Klaus getting into a bit of trouble, mishandling one of the machines, due to his hypnosis.

After exploring the mill, it was soon discovered that the entire place is in a weird kind of hypnotic trance! The scene was a pure work of art, creating feelings of fright yet fun at the same time – one of the prominent reasons the TV series is gaining momentum among kid audiences. Plenty of parents switch on “A Series of Unfortunate Events” for their children to watch and enjoy.

Back to the plot, tensions build a little as we see Orwell ordering Klaus to tie Charles to a log and then send it through a buzz saw!!! Right when all hope was lost, Violet manages to free the mill workers from the hypnotic spell and then the three siblings return to Mr. Poe. The final scene then shows Mr. Poe, Count Olaf, Lemony Snicket, and Baudelaire’s singing “That’s Not How the Story Goes” and boom!

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Since its been almost a year, we don’t know what angle the TV series will go ahead with, as there is a ridiculous amount of “information” to keep track of, and with these constant plot twists the fun and excitement keeps building. Of course, things are a little different for those who have read all thirteen novels. For instance, we know that the finale finishes, right at the end of the fourth book.

At the same time, the ending of the season also solves the mystery of those “parents”, played by Will Arnett and Cobie Smulders. Some reveals have also been dancing around Lemony Snicket and Count Olaf, showing that the two could have been close friends. Not to mention, we also learn that Count Olaf, Dr. Georgina Orwell, Aunt Josephine, the Baudelaire’s parents, and the other married couple were at some point of time, members of the same organization.


So, while we aren’t completely sure about the TV series going according to the BOOK chapter-by-chapter, we do know the next season will involve the Baudelaire children discovering more about the organization and its secrets, while studying at the boarding school. For me, it’s been a remarkable road, binging the entire TV show. And, I can’t wait to SEE what the directors have stored for us this time.

Apart from the obviously interesting storyline, the TV series is gaining momentum, due to its unusual mixture of styles. At some scenes, it tends to be really dark and moody, then it becomes overly morbid, and suddenly shifts to a funny tone, which is sometimes dryly and ironical keeping the audience hooked to the screen.

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