Suits Season 8: Get Ready to Watch on Netflix UK in July 2018

by Hamza Shahid5th Jun, 2018

It’s a massive news for all the suits fans, especially who lives in UK, Suits season 8 will exclusively air in the coming month of July on Netflix UK with our newly weds Princess Meghan Markle.

Suits Season 8

The popular drama from the US production, Suits is one of the most lovable US-based TV shows currently. The show follows the story of a young man, who is a college dropout, fight against the senior and highly professional advocates in the city of New York.

However, this TV show has seen an incredible number of following in recent times because one of the leading actor “Meghan Markle” joined the Royal Family.

But it has also confirmed that Meghan Markle will be no longer part of Suits due to Royal Family rules and regulations. And Meghan Markle is not the only one who left the show; Suits production team confirmed that Patrick J Adams has also left the show-Sad! Isn’t it?

Moreover, due to Suits great number following, Netflix released its episodes on weekly for the past few years. It has also confirmed that Suits season 8 will be releasing on USA network on 18 July.

So when Suits season 8 is releasing on Netflix UK?

Suits season 8 Netflix Release Date

EpisodesNetflix UK Release
EP 1July 18th
EP 2July 26th
EP 3August 2nd
EP 4August 9th
EP 5August 16th
EP 6August 23rd
EP 7August 30th
EP 8September 6th

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