“The Staircase” has all the Things that can Fulfill Your Crime Series Cravings

by Hamza Shahid8th Jun, 2018

Streaming content related to crime stories; always get high praise, primarily when it is based on real stories. Therefore, Netflix is also focusing on broadcasting this kind of crime content for its subscribers.

After getting a crazy fan following for “Making a Murderer,” Netflix is all set to release another true crime based series “The Stair Case” on June 8, 2018. Due to its incredible direction and story where you will be able to experience, a wired and horrific feeling of a novelist whose wife mysteriously died. That is why this upcoming show also listed in our top Netflix new releases in June 2018.

The Stair case

But at what time Netflix is releasing “The Staircase”?

Most awaited true crime story documentary is releasing today (Friday 8th June) on Netflix. All episodes are available to stream today. Netflix releases show simultaneously worldwide, meaning that it will be available at different times for viewers respective to their time zone and location.

After the mysterious death of Michael Peterson (novelist) wife, he was charged with a murder case, which creates a strong curiosity in the series due to husband-wife relationship.

To find who the real person behind the mysterious death of his wife, the story will take dangerous vicissitudes that will create narrative suspense until the last chapter of the series.

However, after analyzing the Peterson’s life, the jury gave the final verdict, which was not expected by him. He was finally sentenced to murder before more evidence comes to the court.

The Staircase prisoner

Moreover, you will able to see some fantastic surprises that make this series more thrilling and full of suspense, and you will surely crave more for it after the release of every episode.

Although, we suggest you to don’t compare this upcoming bunch of new episodes with the already released episodes. Otherwise, you might be disappointed. In short, Netflix is going to do the same as it is done with other scripted show such as “Arrested Development,” “Full House,” “Gilmore Girls” and “Black Mirror.” But the thing that makes us watch this crime and investigation series is the direction, which is phenomenal.

After all, Netflix is now all set to invest in different projects as their original content is ripping off the competitors in the market. But spending money does not make the show great, the direction and story should be unique too.

Will “The Staircase” get the same massive followings as other famous crime show on Netflix get? Only time will tell. For more updates and news regarding Netflix, keep checking our website.

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