Top 5 Netflix TV Shows to Binge-Watch When High!

by Hamza Shahid24th Feb, 2018

“Pre, pre, pretty green bud. All in my blood. Oh, I need it. We can take off, now. Oh, I know you wanna, smoke!” If you feel as baked as Kid Cudi in this classic song, fellow stoners/tokers/bong hitters – then get ready to relish a marvelous marijuana-laden, binge-watching session on Netflix! And, trust me, you’ll have a great time, even if you’re puffing magic clouds alone.


Below is a list of the top 5 Netflix TV shows to binge-watch while high, which are guaranteed to blow your mind, but not your stoner buzz. I’ve added a mixture of trippy, funny, and freaky series for you to enjoy. So, get them hash brownies baked, the doobies/spliffs rolled, the bong ready to fire, and stock up on some munchies – it’s time to boost your high!

Black Mirror (2011–)

I remember the first time I watched Black Mirror. I was shit-stoned, after smoking several blunts, and the TV series scared the crap out of me, literally. It accurately gives a glimpse of the near-future, depicting the horror of technologies and how they’ll change our lives. I ended up binging the first season and I was overcome with so many fascinating realizations, that I just had to continue with the next one too!


Each episode features its own stand-alone drama, with some stories even foreshadowing real-life events, like Trump’s rise to power. I was taken aback by the magical realism that pops up after taking too many dabs and pretty soon started wondering whether I’m alive or dead. I definitely recommend watching this show, if you wish to give yourself a good scare, after an amazing smoke-sesh.


Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

I won’t lie. I’ve binged this series at least three times, because I am a chemistry fanatic and a meth-addict (nah, just kidding). It’s just that the show is FRICKIN’ AMAZINGGG… and since there are FIVE SEASONS, you can definitely enjoy killing time, while enjoying your high every day. The transformation of Chemistry teacher Walter White to the ruthless, crystal meth-making machine, Heisenberg, is just sensational.


And after all, there is a reason why Breaking Bad exists as one of the most popular shows, boasting a huge audience of stoner followers. The character growth, the visual storytelling, the plot twists, the meth-cooking scenes, and Jesse’s style of saying “BITCHHHH” – oh, what an amazing and addicting adventure. Prep your joints lads, you’re gonna love this one. Just don’t go as far as trying meth, eh? 😛


30 Rock (2006-2013)

Enough of the serious stuff now. Let’s talk about comedy – every STONER’s favorite genre!
Undoubtedly, 30 Rock is one of the funniest sitcoms, after FRIENDS. Every episode is entertaining as hell, and I guarantee you’ll be laughing your brains out with those perfectly-timed puns, sarcastic humor, and dirty jokes! However, I would advise you find a buddy to get high and watch this epic piece with.


Why? Because there’s nothing more amusing than enjoying uncontrollable laughter-fits. And with someone beside you, sitcoms like this are definitely the most binge-worthy. Not to mention, it is filled with remarkable stars and guest appearances from Jennifer Aniston to Oprah Winfrey, leaving you hungry for more. Just make sure to take some strong dabs, peeps!


That ‘70s Show (1998-2006)

Oh, yes! I remember when I binged this for the first time. Me and a group of friends would bring as much weed as possible for the weekend. Then, we’d just puff, puff, pass all Saturday night, while laughing our asses off. And boy, the room would be full of smoke till the morning, similar to enjoying a hot-box type feel in the car.


So, if you’re into old school stuff, then you just have to watch this series! That ‘70s Show is a laughter-filled comedy that will keep your mood elevated every night. It’s a perfect Stoner-watch, as every episode involves a basement joint circle, filled with entertainment scripts that will prevent your lungs from producing oxygen!


The Crown (2016–)

An original big-budget series from Netflix, “The Crown” is for when you’re in a completely mellow and numb mood. Why? Because it is not the kind of show to watch while high, and this is exactly why we have added it in the list. As a stoner, I am well-aware of our night-owl nature and surviving on 4-hours of sleep habits. So, this show is perfect for making you fall asleep, after hitting the reefer!

It’s a historical drama with a dark plot (based on the Award-winning play “The Audience”), which discusses the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the modern times. Even if you don’t fall asleep, the show is a great watch, as you learn about the personal intrigues, political rivalries, and romances, all of which have led to the shaping of the 20th century.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope you enjoy the suggestions, as they take you on a journey of the funniest, most disturbing, and visually appealing TV acts available to stream today, especially while stoned AF. Feel free to share the blog with your friends and family members. Most importantly, don’t forget to stock up on them green buds. Thank me later. Peace out. Blaze away. Fly high J

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Hamza Shahid is a tech and movie-geek, who adores creativity and innovation. When he is not binge-watching on Netflix and stuffing munchies, he loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy and copyright infringement. Apart from writing blogs/articles on cyber laws and political affairs, Hamza also takes keen interest in reviewing the latest movies/TV shows, while providing information about Netflix in the form guides!