Crazy Venom Official Teaser Trailer Reaction

by Hamza Shahid24th Apr, 2018

Marvel fans who were freaking about not seeing the real face of Venom in the teaser, which was, released a few months ago, the wait is over now. The extended official trailer is here and you can see him, so cheers!!


One of the most talented actors, Tom Hardy is the man behind the Venom, that is looking really terrifying in the official trailer just like it should be according to the previous Venom animated movies and comic book. This is the reason why most of the people are super excited to see this upcoming movie.


Tom Hardy

Here is one die heart fan commenting on the Venom’s Power on Reddit.


On different social platforms, it seems like the Venom trailer is beyond people’s expectation. However, we also catch some reactions on Twitter…




 And yes when Venom finally got hungry….


The craziness just not stops here, if you guys don’t see the official cast of Venom yet on IMDb, then this makes you super curious and excited about Venom that there is the possibility of seeing Spiderman. Yes, you read it right.

According to the IMDb, they listed Peter Parker (Spiderman) in the Venom cast.


Venom Cast on IMDB


By far, Tom Hardy considered the best match for Venom role. However, there is no doubt that the role played by Tom Hardy in DC hit “Batman-The Dark Knight Rises” showed his sensational villain capabilities.


Bane vs venom


The trailer has created a huge curiosity among fans and super excited for its release and we are too. The trailer has risen our expectation so high especially after back-to-back hit Marvel heroes’ movie, there is something dark to enjoy.

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